1. HEY! I decided to chuck my website back up with some mostly old (some new) work. So you should totally check it out if you want to —> www.mitchgee.com 

    From now on I’m going to focus on more traditional art. I’m starting a new tumblr over at mitchgeeee.tumblr.com. Hopefully I’ll keep it updated with new stuff as I relearn how to draw and paint traditionally.

    Thanks to everyone who was following and liking the stupid drawings on this blog. Maybe I’ll return to it in the future…



    Reason #1: Laziness 

    Reason #2: Too busy being a super-cool badass (That takes up a lot of time)


  3. Don’t look a .gif horse in the mouth.


  4. Ghoul #13 - Gettin all sparkly n shit!


  5. Decided to draw a unicorn. Deal with it. 


  6. Milton Glaser is a boss. I could listen to him talk about drawing all day. 


  7. Started drawing this dude over the weekend. Still deciding on colours and all that junk. 


  8. Such an awesome music video all the way up to the Akira-esque climax. Great use of animation and simple character design.

    Direction: wasaru.com

    Tunes: KalyLiveDub